Aqua Vitae Crystal

Bespoke Crystal Glasses & Decanters


Origin - A Unique Place


Aqua Vitae ~ the Water of Life ... the Latin term for distilled beverages, such as, wine, whiskey & beer.   AQUA VITAE CRYSTAL  has  a  unique  place in the Bespoke  economy,   by  being  one   of   the   rare engravers  that  specializes  in  custom engraving crystal wine & whiskey glasses & decanters,  with the  personal  design  ideas of its clientele.

Medium - Crystal Glass


AQUA VITAE CRYSTAL   engraves  crystal  glass not glass.  The  difference  for  us  is   the  sparkle,   the weight and the resilience. Crystal  Glass permits us to  engrave  the surface deeply and crisply creating images   that  are   well  defined  and   almost  three dimensional   without  jeopardizing  the integrity of its strength.  Holding a crystal glass in one's hand, a connoisseur  would  say,  adds  to the experience of enjoying  a fine wine or whiskey.

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Inspiration - the Search for Uniqueness & Irreplaceability


   It  is  hard to  find a unique gift that is both elegant  and  bold; a  gift  that will be cherished;  a  gift  that will last a lifetime and become a family heirloom; and  a  gift  that  is  truly  personal .  

 AQUA VITAE CRYSTAL creates gifts that are unique and difficult to replace, much like the people they are gifted to.